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Pastors & Church Leaders // Build More Marriages!

» We partner with churches in their strategy to build thriving marriages,
    reach the lost and transform communities.

Why Should Your Church Consider Hosting
a Marriage Catalyst Conference?



The conference will INSPIRE married couples to STAY TOGETHER by helping them understand God’s unique PURPOSES for their marriage. It will ENCOURAGE marriages to look ahead at what could be and should be for their relationship.

Couples will be CHALLENGED to GROW SPIRITUALLY and RELATIONALLY in light of God’s Word. The conference will serve alongside your ministry in building stronger families.

Several mega themes will help couples understand the importance of being distinctly FAITHFUL in a good CHURCH, distinctly CONNECTED to a SMALL GROUP, and DELIBERATE in REACHING OUT to those who don’t know Jesus. We believe this conference serves a strategic role in EVANGELIZING the lost and IMPACTING your COMMUNITY.

The conference gives your people a unique opportunity to invite their lost friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors to your church. Marriage Catalyst Conference is strategically designed to lead participants into a SMALL GROUP study to experience BIBLICAL TEACHING, genuine FELLOWSHIP, LIFE APPLICATION and ACCOUNTABILITY.

More than just knowledge, the conference is highly PRACTICAL. It will help your people APPLY GOD’S WORD in every area of their lives, including their marriage.

5. TRANSFORMWhen the Spirit of God takes the Word of God and CHANGES THE HEART of your people for God, LIFE TRANSFORMATION is the end result. Marriage Catalyst will partner with your church to CHANGE LIVES through the knowledge and application of God’s Word—discipleship. We want to help you get more people plugged into small groups and experience lasting change.

We truly believe the Marriage Catalyst Conference will help your people laugh a little more, increase their knowledge of God’s Word and provide a strong foundation for their marriage to thrive. Couples will walk away with practical action steps to build a thriving marriage and take their relationship to the next level.  Our three-fold theme: Dream, Connect and Build will help your people build a growing marriage.

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